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In addition to a serious neck wound, Ahmed H. Sharif suffered cuts to forearms, face and one hand while trying to fend off Enright, prosecutor James Zeleta said while arguing against bail.

TD 07 –> TS Earl

Earl, previously known as tropical depression 07, is now Tropical Storm Earl, and is cranking up through this ‘middle school’ phase of the cyclone life cycle so quickly that by the time you read this Earl might be a hurricane. Or in his case, a himicane.

As I predicted earlier today, various journalists are taking up the theme that “Darwin was wrong” because he did not predict that niches into which organisms evolved would be a major controlling feature in the overall pattern of evolution. But of course, he did, and the new research being referred to does not “disprove darwin.”…

In which an actual living person, instead of just the ashes of TV actors, will be launched into space. Here’s a picture of the rocket and it’s friend, the submarine: Our mission is very simple. We are working towards launching a human being into space. This is a non-profit suborbital space endeavor lead by Kristian…

Obviously, I have to switch parties: Katie Couric once described bloggers as journalists who gnaw at new information “like piranhas in a pool.” But increasingly, many bloggers are also secretly feeding on cash from political campaigns, in a form of partisan payola that erases the line between journalism and paid endorsement. “It’s standard operating procedure”…

Is Obama really a Muslim?

Or is he merely …. an atheist?

07 at about 31W 14N

More on being a dick

Don’t be a random, arbitrary dick. Be meaningful and relevant in your dickosity: If your dickishness is going to help you communicate the values of skepticism, it has to relate, directly and immediately, to the circumstances that warrant anger. Read the rest here And then, if you want to know everything else about this topic,…