Hey, if the media gets this, what do you think will happen?

The YouTube video comes with this text:

A man walks through the crowd at the Ground Zero protest and is mistaken as a Muslim. The crowd turns on him and confronts him. The man in the blue hard hat calls him a coward and tries to fight him. The tall man who I think was one of the organizers tried to get between the two men. Later I caught up with the man who’s name is Kenny. He is a Union carpenter who works at Ground Zero. We discussed what a scary moment that was for him. I told him that I hoped it did not ruin his day.


  1. #1 Victor
    August 26, 2010

    This stuff is really starting to get scary.

  2. #2 6EQUJ5
    August 26, 2010

    I’m expecting outbreaks of real violence between now and November. And we know which side the police will back — which will encourage more violence.

    Do we credit Karl Rove with this new wrinkle on the Southern Strategy?

  3. #3 sailor
    August 26, 2010

    This is very nasty scary stuff. The community center should be built and encouraged. I am disappointed in Hitchens, Sam Harris and Howard Dean over their attitudes.
    We do see some very nasty things on the news, people getting stoned to death, honor killings and more. But when you read Mortensen’s books, you realize many Muslims just want a good life and education for their daughters. Much of the oppressive stuff is perpetrated by religious leaders who are dictators in their community and use it as a terror tactic.
    Islam in America is not going to be the same as Islam in Saudi Arabia, and the more primitive parts of the belief system will fade away in the light of reason and freedom. The kind of thing we are seeing now is just going to encourage hard line idiots on both sides.

  4. #4 MadScientist
    August 26, 2010

    I saw that on Jon Stewart’s show. It’s the usual crap – some people imagine they can identify a muslim or a terrorist by sight. While in Canberra I fell over laughing when some old bigoted lady was telling a police officer to harass some kid because he’s a terrorist. “He looks like a terrorist” she says, and the cop says “OK, if you can tell me what a terrorist looks like all of the Australian Federal Police will be very grateful to you.” With some people who imagine they can tell a muslim by sight I’d even introduced some of my muslim friends who, as far as I can tell, look like a typical muslim to me – blond hair, blue eyes, no bhurka or skullcap. People’s ideas that muslims must lool a certain way are just one of those things that “everyone knows” but which is very very wrong. Some people even think the sikhs look muslim and I just have to laugh at that one.

  5. #5 chris y
    August 27, 2010

    Racist rednecks, sure. Working class? Not sure. The tea party demographic is definitely not classically working class, so I wouldn’t assume this mob is. There’ll be some working class people in there, but I doubt if they’re defining it.

    Some people even think the sikhs look muslim and I just have to laugh at that one.

    Madscientist, somebody who thought that murdered a Sikh in the aftermath of the WTC attack. I have to admit that my mirth was restrained.

  6. #6 Ambrose
    August 27, 2010

    I forget, what is the word for a conservative lynch mob for the last half century? Oh, now I remember, a Republican.

  7. #7 Pinky
    August 27, 2010

    The conservative/religious elites, who taught the Teabaggers to respond to “wolf whistle words” like Pavlovian dogs, must be giving high-fives to each other.

    Their efforts are coming to fruition.

  8. #8 Pen
    August 27, 2010

    …the more primitive parts of the belief system will fade away in the light of reason and freedom

    Just what’s happened with the primitive parts of the Christian belief system, eh!