Archives for August 27, 2010

A recent paper provides the groundwork to establish a way for exercise to diminish appetite. Or, more likely, for sedentary behavior to increase appetite.

The Center for Inquiry in Amherst NY has come out against the mosque. I’ve been pretty much avoiding this topic (not for any particularly good reason) other than to note the gagging teabaggers beating up on non-pink people that they assume are Kaaaaiiiiliiii terrorists or something. But DuWayne Brayton posted a link, with commentary, to…

The question is being asked, Will Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Widen Health Inequalities? in a Policy Forum essay in the OpenAccess Journal PLoS Medicine.

I just thought I’d pass on this letter from Rush Holt to Nancy Pelozi and Steny Hoyer:

Here’s a pretty picture from the Atlantic: That, dear reader, is what an active hurricane season looks like.

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