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This is the way of the sushi-ya

Hat Tip: Miss Cellania

Learning from Sherman the shark

Cartoonist Jim Toomey created the comic strip Sherman’s Lagoon, a wry look at underwater life starring Sherman the talking shark. As he sketches some of his favorite sea creatures live onstage, Toomey shares his love of the ocean and the stories it can tell.

Health and well being

The Vaccine-Autism Link has been ruled non-existent by a federal court. Details. Homeopathy still doesn’t work. Even a little. Very little. Corexit in Florida water supply? A health related blog post, Pushing towards acknowledging sex differences in physiology and treatment efficacy by the blogger known as Michelle, has been awarded the PLoS ONE Blog Pick…


A key binding that selects all and places it instantly on the clipboard, and works in all software. This is such a common sequence of commands it should be made into one command. It could be called “mop” or “nom.” See the whole “WANTED” list here.