Archives for September 29, 2010

Linux is almost as good as Windows. Snark.

There is a recent “PC Pro” magazine article comparing Windows 7 to Ubuntu, which concludes that Ubuntu is almost as good as Windows 7. This would be roughly like Michele Bachmann comparing Ronald Reagan to Edward Kennedy and concluding that Edward Kennedy is almost as good. So, we can safely conclude that Ubuntu kicks Windows…

Linux in Schools

This is an excellent guest post by Scott Rowed on the use of Linux in K-12 schools, including strong evidence that school districts that do not have students using the Linux operating system are placing their students at a disadvantage, as well as a description of one outstanding success story in British Columbia.

National Science Education Standards

We haz ’em (9 megabyte PDF download from the National Academies of Science)

A young man with dark skin attracts the attention of a white police officer. The police officer, not busy with anything else, takes the opportunity to develop his own particular style of neighborhood relations, stops the young man’s car and shakes him down. One thing leads to another, and the young man is beaten severely.…