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Tomas: Good news and bad news.

Tomas is nicely demonstrating the degree to which meteorological models depend on the context of experience. This season I’ve read most of the discussions and advisories for most of the Atlantic storms, and generally speaking, the forecasts change only a little from time to time once a storm is named, and the final realized path…

Dump Bachmann: Vote for Tarryl Clark.

This is a pretty good campaign ad, though I prefer the negative kind a lot more when they are about Michele Bachmann. It is, after all Halloween.

Happy Halloween

Proudly displaying recently captured pumpkins.

Have A Happy Teabagger Halloween!

Idiotological Purity is Harder than it Looks

Tomas is for real

According to the current models, Tomas the Hurricane will stay around the Category One/Category Two boundary over the next four days as it moves to the west then north. The predictions are very uncertain at this point, but Wednesday night or Thursday morning, Tomas may be near western Haiti and prepared to bear down on…

Hi, I’m a Tea-Partier

It gets better

A Whale of a Missing Link : Indohyus

I’m writing something about the concept of “The Missing Link” which may also end up as an episode of “Everything you Know is Sort of Wrong” on Skeptically Speaking. The fact that I’m working on this is of no interest to you, I’m sure, until I actually finish it and post it. But, in the…

A Tea Party Adventure

Three tea partiers on an epic journey through reality. Hat tip Julia.