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Desiree will interview Bora Zivkovic, Blog and Community Editor at Scientific American!!!! Details here

When I was a little kid, my cousin, who was an actual Catholic Arch Bishop (Archbishop of Anchorage) came over to the house one day, and I saw family elders approach him, one by one, genuflect and kiss his ring. Then one or two of my relatives brought him sacred objects for him to bless.…

Huh. (Click the “huh”) I suppose if you understand the social networking thingie that i Reddit, you can engage in this conversation. Right now, Behe Jr’s brief comment is on the front page, and has been viewed by nearly 100,000 readers.

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A study in dialects

… of English:

The meme of honourable death

The Anglo Boer War (in what is now South Africa from October 11th, 1899 to May 31st, 1902) was a turning point in European style military history. In previous centuries, infantry would operate in large blocks that would move forward, turn and open or close ranks, and winning an infantry engagement would involve getting your…

The command line is a great place to get weather information. Here, I discuss one cli-app for current conditions and forecasts, in the larger context of why you would ever want to use the command line anyway.

Best line: “What’s the difference between astronomy and astrology?” … “About 50 IQ points…”

Much more here.