A study in dialects

… of English:

The nomenclature for the US accents is wildly incorrect, but these are good renditions of something.


  1. #1 NewEnglandBob
    October 7, 2010

    Not bad. He attempted quite a few.

  2. #2 Rich Wilson
    October 7, 2010

    I used to work with a guy who would drop into accents when he was on the phone. Uncontrollably. It seemed to be a little stress related. If he was nervous about the call, it was more likely he’d end up in an accent.

  3. #3 James Davis
    October 7, 2010


    That sounds like code-switching. It’s a pretty well known phenomenon. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code-switching

    However, just so you know, he didn’t “drop into accents”. He changed which one he was using.