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Richie’s Dad is Dead

Tom Bosley, the actor who played Howard Cunningham on “Happy Days” has died at age 83. Interestingly, Barbara Billingsley had died just three days before. There is no meaning to this, but there is metaphor galore.

I see god’s fingerprints all over this fingerprint!!!!11!!

I like Wikipedia, I really do. But there are also some serious, very serious problems with it. I just read the entries on the Battle of Rorke’s Drift, a few related historical entries, and the entry on the movie Zulu, which is about the Battle of Rorke’s drift. My interest here is in looking at…

Hacking a Google Calendar CLI Tool

I wrote earlier of the very useful command line utility called gcalcli (short for GoogleCALendarCommandLineInterface). Click here to read that post. One of the options is called “agenda” which spits out, by default, the next five days of calendar entries. If you would prefer a different range of time than five days, then you can…

There is a stoning planned for the near future. Wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of shying away from criticizing this barbaric practice to avoid offending anyone’s sensibilities, there was instead a public outrage about it?

An Inordinate Fondness # Nine

is a web carnival devoted to beetles, their biology and evolution. The current issue is at Beetles in the Bush. Go check it out!