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Richard? Richard!

There is a disturbance in the force. Well, actually, in the Caribbean. It is not named yet, but by the weekend it is likely that Richard will be the next named Atlantic storm. Richard is now a named tropical storm (named “Richard,” interestingly enough) in the Caribbean, with a likely path across the Yucatan. ……

I just received this dispatch from Monica Metzler, President of the Illinois Science Council. This is important. The current leading candidate in the Illinois Governor’s race has acknowledged his belief in intelligent design and his willingness to permit individual school districts to allow it to be taught. Teaching ID in schools isn’t a top campaign…

The brain in your gut

And the feds have taken notice… Pastor Brad Brandon’s loves to talk about the scriptures on his daily radio show, but it was what he spoke from the pulpit of his church, Berean Bible Baptist in Hastings, which has the attention of the federal government. The 11 candidates he endorsed are listed on the church’s…

The NCSE will be representing the good fight at the Evolution at the USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington DC this weekend.

Happy World Statistics Day

And her opponent on teaching evolution.

I’m totally voting for this guy

This is why we know civilization is about to collapse. This man speaks the truth, and he is probably the only one up there speaking the truth, but he is considered to be the comic relief.