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The man who stomped on the head of a woman at a Rand Paul campaign event has been identified, and it is a person close to Paul and involved in the campaign. He was one of several campaign workers who seemingly premeditated the attack, part of which was recently caught on videotape. Assailant Tim Profitt,…

The following videos are freaky and disturbing in many ways.

In principle, if not in detail: Lillian McEwen was that woman. At the time, she was on good terms with Thomas. The former assistant U.S. attorney and Senate Judiciary Committee counsel had dated him for years, even attending a March 1985 White House state dinner as his guest. She had worked on the Hill and…

Who should be Anoka county Attorney?

I have looked at the records, statements, and endorsements of the two candidates running for the open Anoka County Attorney’s office, to determine which I should support and, indeed, endorse on this blog. And I’m stuck. It is a hard decision because both candidates have impressive backgrounds. Of the two candidates, Brad Johnson of Coon…

Twin Cities Area Install Fest

Penguins Unbound (the web site for the Monthly Meeting of Linux Enthusiasts) announces the Ubuntu 10.10 Release Party and Install Fest for October 30th, 2010 at 10:00am to 4:00pm at TIES on Snelling Avenue in Falcon Heights (which you may know of as Saint Paul), Minnesota. Details here.

Richard will dissipate

Former hurricane Richard will dissipate in the southern Gulf of Mexico. At the moment, the satellite view of the storm is interesting, because it looks like a well organized and properly shaped skeleton of a hurricane:

Rand Paul Thuggery

In light of this recent story of Rand Paul reporters wrestling a woman to the ground and stepping on her head, I decided to post this political campaign note from Jack Conway’s campaign, because it contains parallel (and rather disturbing) information:

Paul is dead.

And I’m not talking about what you hear when you play the album backwards …