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Hello Shary and Tomas

I was wrong. I was expecting Right Eye to turn into Shary, and it did but I was expecting Left Eye to turn into Tomas, but it dissipated. Mouth turned into Tomas. In any event, we have two new named storms in the Atlantic. One more and we’ll run out of names!

Voter intimidation

Elderly Black Voters Allegedly Intimidated At Their Homes In Texas Two middle-aged white Republican activists in Texas allegedly harassed and intimidated at least seven elderly African-American voters at their homes in eastern Texas, according to a complaint filed with the Justice Department on Thursday. Gerry Hebert, executive director of the Campaign Legal Center, submitted a…

Who is this Glen Beck guy? Wow.

View image The gullies on a Martian sand dune in this trio of images from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter deceptively resemble features on Earth that are carved by streams of water. However, these gullies likely owe their existence to entirely different geological processes apparently related to the winter buildup of carbon-dioxide frost. Scientists at the…

That’s what they say.

Settlement in Freshwater case imminent

A settlement is in the works in Doe v. Mount Vernon Board of Education et al., the case in which John Freshwater, a Mount Vernon, Ohio, middle school science teacher, was accused of inappropriate religious activity in the classroom — including displaying posters with the Ten Commandments and Bible verses, branding crosses on the arms…

NCSE and climate change

The Oatmeal Experiment

If you are a teabagger or a Republican, don’t read below the fold. Just go away.

Michele Bachmann on Science

My Ballot for Next Tuesday: Page One

US Representative to the House, District 3 Jim Meffert I’m very familiar with Meffert’s stand on the issues, and agree with them fully. State Senator District 47 Leo Foley Leo Foley is a centrist Democrat who has done a great job to date. State Representative District 47A Denise Dittrich Dittrich has been a great representative.…