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Hi, I’m a Tea-Partier

It gets better

A Whale of a Missing Link : Indohyus

I’m writing something about the concept of “The Missing Link” which may also end up as an episode of “Everything you Know is Sort of Wrong” on Skeptically Speaking. The fact that I’m working on this is of no interest to you, I’m sure, until I actually finish it and post it. But, in the…

A Tea Party Adventure

Three tea partiers on an epic journey through reality. Hat tip Julia.

Kansasonians: Vote for Janet Waugh!

And do NOT vote for Willie Dove. Willie, a Republican candidate for District 1 seat on the State Board of Education says, in relation to evolution and creationism in science classrooms, “One without the other, that’s when we have the problem.” Kansas, you don’t need this. Check out the details here.

Dr Kiki does Abbie Smith

“We’re going retro”

Hat tip Elliot Myrick

Does it matter what’s in a placebo?

Yes, it does matter what is in a placebo (as well as how it is administered, and so on) because the placebo is an important part of the experimental protocol used in pharmaceutical research. Before we get to why this question has even been raised, and an interesting point or two about it, lets quickly…

My Ballot for Next Tuesday: Page Two

I already posted my Page One voting choices for this year’s election. Now it is time to turn the ballot over and talk about judges. In the mean time, if you are in or near Minneapolis, Hennepin County or the Fifth Congressional District, I invite you to have a look at this ballot, as it…