Tomas is for real

According to the current models, Tomas the Hurricane will stay around the Category One/Category Two boundary over the next four days as it moves to the west then north. The predictions are very uncertain at this point, but Wednesday night or Thursday morning, Tomas may be near western Haiti and prepared to bear down on the Port au Prince area as a Category Two (or strong?) hurricane. It may also slip between Haiti and Jamaica, affecting both with strong tropical storm force winds and proceed on to eastern Cuba. Tomas continues to confuse the forecasters a bit more than the average hurricane.

What I find especially intersesting is the as yet not noted by the weather service blob forming right behind Tomas. The big double red thing to the southwest of the hurricane in this picture:


Is that Virginie?


  1. #1 Athena
    October 31, 2010

    The people of Haiti sure as hell don’t need a hurricane right now!

  2. #2 Greg Laden
    October 31, 2010

    As we speak, the forecast is being adjusted: It will probably hit Haiti as a Category Three, possibly Thursday PM or Evening.

  3. #3 Birger Johansson
    October 31, 2010

    (OT) About climate (and, by extension, frequency of big hurricanes)
    “Cultural shift needed similar to smoking, slavery” Climate change: