Tomas is like that relationship you always wanted to believe in but that never came through to you. The meteorologists at the National Hurricane Center have again and again given Tomas hurricane status when he didn’t really deserve it (in my opinion) Every day, even twice a day, the meteorologists predict that the next day Tomas will be a bigger, stronger, more well formed hurricane but then that day comes along and every time Tomas disappoints (in my opinion).

And lat night, the worst thing happened.

In my opinion, anyway. Tomas became a tropical depression. A tropical depression! Tomas doesn’t even have the wind to make white caps on the salty sea, let alone knock stuff over and cause havoc and mayhem.

But still, the meteorologists at the National Hurricane Center are predicting, and I think maybe they just can’t see the real storm here, that Tomas will return to hurricane status in a couple of days. And overrun western Haiti.

Right. I’ll believe that when I see it. Tomas is not a storm to be trusted, in my opinion.


  1. #1 rob
    November 3, 2010

    don’t loan Tomas any money! he’ll disappear and you will never see him again!