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How to get a touchdown in football

This trick will only work once:

Ellen Lutz

Ellen Lutz, former Executive Director for the Center for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution and for the last six years or so Executive Director of Cultural Survival, has died. I received this rom Cultural Survival:

Canadian Palaeontologists

Here’s their blog. Give it a look, you hoser!

Iowa’s rejection of three state supreme court justices who ruled in favor of same-sex marriage underscored the growing electoral vulnerability of state judges as more and more are targeted by special interest groups, legal scholars and jurists said Thursday. “It just illustrated something that has been troubling many of us for many, many years,” California…

Palin Bachmann 2012

They’re serious. Are you serious? If not, time to get serious.

Djagechyer Deer?

This weekend was Deer Opener in Minnesota. So the traffic going up to the cabin resembled Fishing Opener, and the entire experience was like Fishing Opener, but with more blasting and less splashing. Also, we didn’t see a single deer all weekend, and other critters were acting strangely. Something spent part of the weekend living…