Archives for November 15, 2010

The first order of business of the lame duck House of Representatives was to pass a resolution (as far as I know resolutions have no meaning) to oppose through federal legislation (which only has meaning if it is written, passed, signed into law, etc.) to ‘address’ (ban? regulate? tax? allow under only certain conditions?) the…

Last year, the American Freedom Alliance, a California based Don’t Think Tank, attempted to insert, Trojan style,* a creationist film called Darwin’s Dilemma into the repertoire of films shown at the California Science Center. The film is a pro-Intelligent Design film, and behind this insulting and immature ruse was, you guessed it, the Discovery Institute.

Facebook Launches Google Wave!!!!

No, wait … not exactly. Well, sort of. We all thought Facebook would be announcing, the email server to end all googles. But instead it launched something else. It is called a “Modern Messaging System” and it combines email, instant messages, and SMS. Hold on, I’ll be right back.

Inside the real tea party movement

It has been with us all along. In movies, on TV, documentaries. We wuz lookin’ ’em right in the face and never done nowd it.

In a recent blog post, Krazy Kristian Guy Ray Comfort (the “Banana man”) notes that atheists are planning a billboard campaign that will point out the barbaric nature of passages from the Christian and Muslim texts. He goes on to note that anyone who offends Islam is likely to get their heads cut off, and…

Is Ubuntu running off a cliff?

And, is that necessarily a bad thing? Sometimes I feel like I’m watching Ubuntu running quickly towards a big cliff. Recently, it was hinted/announced that Gnome would be dropped as Ubuntu’s default desktop, and dropped as the x server. The mint Distro has forked itself to produce a pure Debian distro, which was what…