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Introduction 2 Archaeology

Video 1: Dan meets Alice, Alice pwns Dan. Video 2: Dan meets Alice, gets her name wrong. Dan pwned again.

In some societies, men hunt together and this is probably a part of male bonding. Before you write off the idea of male bonding as facile pop psychology, please step back a moment from the term, which is so overused in mostly cynical contexts that it has probably lost its meaning. Let me try to…

If you ever get to see “Millhouse” do so! I’d love to watch it along side any similar documentary on George Bush. I don’t have the film, but here is a documentary about the documentary. Part I

How complexity leads to simplicity

Ecologist Eric Berlow doesn’t feel overwhelmed when faced with complex systems. He knows that more information can lead to a better, simpler solution. Illustrating the tips and tricks for breaking down big issues, he distills an overwhelming infographic on U.S. strategy in Afghanistan to a few elementary points.