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Pandemonium Looms in Minneapolis

The Minnesota Vikings will not be in the playoffs this year, but the team has nonetheless become interesting, possibly more interesting than if they were still in the running.


A friend of mine has asked me to spread the word that we are looking for a missing person, Joe Sjoberg (pronounced Show-Berg). He is probably in the upper Midwest somewhere. MISSING: JOE SJOBERG from MADISON, WI ARTICLE IN THE ATLANTIC:HERE FROM JOE’S BROTHER: Right now the last true piece of evidence had him in…

John Boehner’s Boner

John Boehner has appointed Michele Bachmann to the house intelligence committee. OK, let’s have a contest. I’ll start. Appointing Michele Bachmann to the Intelligence Committee is like …

How to make homeopathy work

Homeopathy involves the acquisition of a substance often chosen because of its harmful nature (but sometimes for other reasons) followed by the dilution of that substance, or an extract of it, in water numerous times until the substance itself is essentially gone, but the memory of the substance is retained by the water. This water,…

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