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Things you might want to know about

The last Kodachrome processing machine, at Dwayne’s Photo in Parsons, Kansas, shut down and will be sold for scrap. This is a bummer, because I think I still have some film laying around that I’ve not gotten ’round to getting developed. They figured out why Skype crashed earlier this month, and it has to do…

Tiny Periodic Table of the Tiny Elements

Atoms are the smallest things stuff can be and still be an element. So, why should the periodic table be so huge? Like, covering almost an entire piece of paper?

Today’s falsehood1 is the idea of “The Missing Link.” You’ve heard about The Missing Link. You’ll hear that some palaeontologist has discovered something and they tell us it is “The Missing Link.” Often, it is a supposed “link” between some ancestor of humans (a fossil ape, a monkey, whatever) and us humans. And often, you’ll…

This is what I was thinking:

Imma post something substantive in a minute, but for now have a look at this:

Snow and Global Warming

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