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Ken Miller and Henry Morris answer questions from the audience.

Californians, Vote for Miles Kurland!

For purely demographic reasons, more Californians read this blog than people from any other US state (with New York a close second). So I know that it will matter at least a little bit if I endorse my friend, Miles Kurland for member of the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

Dead Birds

In the renowned yet obscure documentary, “Dead Birds,” watchful men in a traditional community in Highland Papua New Guinea use the sudden flight of birds as a clue to the possible encroachment of a hidden enemy bent on blood revenge. In mines, canaries signal air too poisoned to breath by dying faster than affected humans.…


Enjoy this recent post on “How does one prove astrology?” …The meat of Curtis’ comment appears to be a way to test astrology, or at least one aspect of it. My problem with the suggestion is the same that I’ve had with the concept of astrology as a whole — it depends on a foundation…

Don’t sleep with feminists. And if you do, have a backup plan.

The Kiss

I went out with a friend. We were both between relationships, and we both knew somehow that this was a date though it was never called a date. And we had a perfectly good time: Good food, good conversation, good drinks. She drove. When it came time to go home, she drove me to my…