Google Calendar Keyboard Shortcuts

Naturally, I use Google Calendar from the command line or from within emacs, but when I get stuck in a browser, I like the keyboard shortcuts. Maybe you don’t know about them. They are rather amazing, but also a bit quirky.

But it is a bit quirky.


Ctrl-/ (Close help = ?, or Ctrl-/ again)

To get a popup menu of key options, go to your Google Calendar and type the control key and the slash “/” key. Google wants you to think of this as a “help” key thus using the “?” symbol, but you don’t use shift. Then, to close it you hit the “?” key, but to do that, naturally, you use the shift. Or, Ctrl-/ (which Google thinks of as the question mark key).

Scroll through time

n(ext) and p(revious) for next or pevious day, week, month, whatever. This works in the overall calendar view.

k and j give you the same results. That’s previous line or next line in vim. If you don’t know what that means, don’t sweat it.

t = go to today
r = refresh

Change View as easy as 1,2,3

You can switch between views by using numbers. 1 through 5, with the lower number being the more specific view, for 1=day, 2=week, 3=month, 4=custom, and 5=agenda.

Do Things

a creates an event. e edits event detail. Backspace and delete delete events. The trusty old Ctrl-z, or just plain z, is for Undo. Not all undos are possible.

Major fancy stuff

You can search (/ brings your cursor to the search box) go to the “add a calendar” box with shift+= or just + (as if you’d be using that command very often!). Type q for quick add of an event. Ctrl-p prints, s gets you to calendar settings. To get back from calendar settings, use one of the above mentioned view keys (a number from 1 to 5).

Printing is strange but potentially good. The first time I tried it, I got an error because I had popups from Google blocked. I unblocked popups, and tried again, and got a print dialog box apropos my system, and sent the output to a PDF file instead of a printer, and got an agenda of a length that seems to have been determined by what was on screen at the time. So, I went back to the screen and reduced the font size to see if that controlled agenda length, and hit the print key. This time, I got an application specific dialog box with numerous options, including an agenda length (in time) option, a print in black and white option, etc. That dialog box allowed me to “save as” the output. I chose “save as” and this led me to the option to open it in my document viewer. So, the save part never happened but I was looking at a PDF file in memory. Which I was able to print or save.

Then, I happened to notice my “download” dialog box (the one Firefox makes for you) and there were several calendars downloaded there, apparently as the result of my mucking around with the print function, in my file system’s “tmp” folder (in Linux … in Windows this would presumably be different). They were PDF files.

So most of it works. Adding calendars gave behavior strange enough that I’d recommend avoiding that shortcut altogether. Printing will need to be fiddled with. I wish there was a print to text file option. Well, maybe there is and I’ve not found it yet.

The best use of these shortcuts is probably navigation.

Happy calendaring!