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The Wondrous Mystery of Valet Parking

So, Lizzie1 and I drove up to the restaurant in downtown Minneapolis and spotted the Valet Parking sign. I wanted to valet park because downtown, we’d have to park in a ramp2 anyway, so the cost would be the same or less, and much more convenient and comfortable on this slightly chilly winter night. Plus…

WISE targets, shoots two galaxies

But in a scientific way not a nasty political way. Have a look: There are many things in this picture that are quite remarkable.

Don’t forget to get your flu shot

According to the FluView report for the week ending January 1, influenza activity has picked up over the last few weeks in the United States. This increase in activity is typical of the start of flu season. The number of states reporting regional or widespread influenza activity increased. Although influenza activity can rise and fall…

Coming to theaters near you:

Reject the Comcast Merger

Right now, the FCC and Department of Justice are preparing to approve the NBC/Comcast merger — something that would have dire consequences for years to come. Sign the petition.

King Tut Goes Home

Remember this?