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Drawing upon humor for change

The Superbowl of Birding is out, and by that I mean I and the Bird Web Carnival number CXLIII. Pronounced like Cthulhu but with an “i” sound at the end. You will find it here at the Slugyard blog. The next edition of I and the Bird is set for February 17th, and I will…

This photograph needs a caption

More Captions Needed

The advise I’m about to give you is something I’ve figured out my own and seems to work, but I do not know why, if it is necessary, or if there is a better way to manage this problem. If you have a better recommendation, please add it to the comments!

… they weren’t scared, but the guy trying to rob them sure was. … Wally was sitting at his computer when the man entered his home. “He just stood there in that doorway, standing there with a shovel,” said Wally. “I thought, ‘what the hell is going on here?’ I thought it was a joke!”…