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This year’s CONvergence is allegedly more steampunk themed than usual, so we may be required to wear goggles to the various sessions on evolution, skepticism, etc. I need help picking out which ones to wear. So far, these are the choices:

I’ve been translated into Spanish!

La falsedad de los universales humanos Existen universales humanos. Ahora concederme media hora para explicar por qué esto es correcto y falso a al vez. Pero primero, algo sobre el trasfondo y la definición. Definido del modo más simple, un universal humano es un rasgo, una conducta o una característica cultural que encontramos en todas…

The Science component of “The Nation’s Report Card” was released today and clearly indicates that we have moved one step closer as a nation in two of our most important goals: Building a large and complacent poorly educated low-pay labor class, and increasing the size of our science-illiterate populace in order to allow the advance…

How to make the most out of Facebook

Facebook: The Missing Manual in its third edition dated February 2011, so this is the time to get it and use it because it won’t stay up to date long