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Republican War On Working Families

Apparently, they voted without the Dems present. Oh hell, who needs teachers and stuff anyway.

You may have noticed that has been loading slowly lately. Also, in the “back end” …. where we write the blogs and stuff … the servers have been slow, and eventually, useless. Well, the crack technical team that takes care of these things have determined that we were experiencing a Distributed Denial of Service…

I did not have a chance to write about the Anthropology fracas that erupted several weeks ago, and I probably won’t for a while. But Jamie Jones did. When I met him Jamie was a grad student in the Anthro department at the small eastern college I got my PhD at. He and I taught…

Did Boobquake Cause an Earthquake?

I’m reminded of Boobquake because of this Obligatory photograph related to Boobquake: