Archives for April 23, 2011

A radical experiment in empathy

By leading the Americans in his audience at TEDxPSU step by step through the thought process, sociologist Sam Richards sets an extraordinary challenge: can they understand — not approve of, but understand — the motivations of an Iraqi insurgent? And by extension, can anyone truly understand and empathize with another?

Lew Binford is Dead

Archaeologist Lew Binford has died at the age of 79 at his home in Kirksville, Mo. He died of a a heart attack. I knew Lew a little, having spent some time with him while I was in graduate school, and having met him at the occassional conference (he was famous for NOT going to…


iPhones know where they are, so they probably know where you are, and these data have been captured and maintained by the Apple devices and have been used by police in geoForensic investigations. Crushing civil liberties? There’s an app for that! Apple came to international attention in 1984 when the upstart computer company bought Superbowl…