Archives for April 28, 2011

Bruce Schneier: The security mirage

The feeling of security and the reality of security don’t always match, says computer-security expert Bruce Schneier. At TEDxPSU, he explains why we spend billions addressing news story risks, like the “security theater” now playing at your local airport, while neglecting more probable risks — and how we can break this pattern.

Best info on the Tornado Swarm

Jeff Masters’ WunderBlog is a key source of information on any current weather events: A stunning tornado outbreak of incredible violence has left at least 202 dead across the Eastern U.S.; injuries probably number over a thousand, with 600 injured in the town of Tuscaloosa alone. The tornadoes carved huge swaths of damage, completely flattening…

Are you in Alabama or any of the other areas hit by what may have been the largest recorded tornado event in US history? Let us know how you are. I have calls and emails out to friends in the region or links there and have not heard much back yet. In case you haven’t…

Happy Blogoversary ERV

ERV joined Scienceblogs on this day in 2008. Seems like only a couple of years ago. Happy Anniversary, ERV!