i-514c0818dddeb10e50b1baadf2706991-bradlee-dean-cropped-proto-custom_2-thumb-300x225-65186.jpgBradlee Dean (photo source) is the infamous Minnesota preacher who has called for the execution of gay and lesbian people. Today the Republican controlled Minnesota house planned to take up legislation that would call for a constitutional ban on gay marriage, and Bradlee Dean was called on to provide the opening prayer for the session.

Before going into any details, I’d like to propose that you, dear reader, consider writing a letter to your state representatives or equivalent (no matter where in the world you live, you have some sort of regional or local political representation) and tell them that you object to the reading of a prayer as part of the process of doing public business. Today’s outrageously offensive and shameful event in Minnesota is extreme but it is merely one end of a spectrum of sentiment that has no place in public governmental discourse. No place. So write your letter, especially if you happen to be in Minnesota.

Bradlee Dean is so over the top that the even Anne Rice is said to have quit Christianity (or at least some particular sect or cult of Christianity) because of him.

Dean did not call for the execution of homosexuals during this mornings prayer. He didn’t even mention GLBT issues. Nonetheless, he should never have been invited into that chamber and the fact that he was tells us what the Republicans in Minnesota are really all about. In any event, while he didn’t discuss the anti-gay marriage amendment, he did make outrageous over the top statements about religion and President Obama, making the inference that he was not a Christian (he’s spoken about this before, apparently) and mumbling something about saying the name of Jesus, or not saying it, or whatever, since 2008. He said:

I know this is a non-denominational prayer in this Chamber and it’s not about the Baptists and it’s not about the Catholics alone or the Lutherans or the Wesleyans. Or the Presbyterians the evangelicals or any other denomination but rather the head of the denomination and his name is Jesus. As every President up until 2008 has acknowledged. And we pray it. In Jesus’ name.

Here’s the video version of it.

Get this: Kurt Zellers, the Republican House leader, and the freshman representative who invited Dean, Rep. Ernie Leidiger, R-Mayer, have both denounced Dean’s prayer and said that he should not have been invited. However, Dean really does represent a significant portion of those also represented by the new Tea-Tainted Republican Party in Minnesota and elsewhere. I will assume, for now, that their indignation is either manufactured or indicative of an inexcusable ignorance. Either way, they really should not be in their present jobs. In fact, they should both resign from their positions or, at the very least, the chamber should issue a censure. Go look at the above video again. You see, and this will be recorded forever, Bradlee Dean standing and speaking freely in front of Kurt Zellers name plate. I’ve heard that there is a law in Minnesota that a person running in an election can not use images from the chambers in campaign ads. But citizens can certainly use them on, say, tee-shirts. And blogs. And so on.

Here’s Terry Morrow (DFL) commenting on the events of the morning.

Here’s the local news version of the story. OMG.


  1. #1 Mike Haubrich
    May 20, 2011

    I thought that there was a fucking dress code in the house of representatives. He looks like a gangster.

  2. #2 Greg Laden
    May 20, 2011

    You can’t question what a pastor wears because they are religious.

  3. #3 gwen
    May 20, 2011

    I wonder how long it will be before we find HIM in a sordid scandal? The more avidly (X)phobic they are, the more likely (it seems) that they are hiding something (about) themselves.

  4. #4 Pierce R. Butler
    May 20, 2011

    Just what is it with you guys in Minnesota?

    Okay, after a generation or more of being represented to the world by Garrison Keillor, a craving to cut loose with some real crazy is understandable – therapeutic, even.

    Jesse Ventura, PZ Myers, that cock-teasing cop who lured poor Sen. Craig to his political doom, Al Franken & the Eternal Recount – shouldn’t that have been enough?

    But no, you have to bring out Bachmann and Dean and their ilk. A good effort, no two ways about that, but face it: there’s no way y’all can ever outcrazy Texas, or Florida, or even California.

    So just stop trying so hard: you’re not even going to be declared an honorary Southern state (never mind provoking the other Yankee states to physically relocate all 10,000 lakes & accompanying real estate down south of the Mason-Dixon Line, no matter how much y’all might crave that most of every year).

  5. #5 CherryBombSim
    May 20, 2011

    “And every president up until 2008 had a penis that was at LEAST 3 inches long. So there!”

    It’s not repulsive. It’s just childish.

  6. #6 Robert S.
    May 20, 2011

    I guess its already been said, but let me repeat in amazement. Is the fuckhead actually wearing a tracksuit?

  7. #7 Allen
    May 20, 2011

    I thought hairpieces are against basic decency?

  8. #8 Allen
    May 20, 2011

    This is the true nature of extremists who emasculate the Any Republican candidate.

  9. #9 herman
    May 21, 2011

    The news cast above is from the most popular local station, which is an overtly right wing station. (so much so that the local fox station has to be to the left to differentiate.) This “breaking news” was all bout how the Republican leader was distancing himself from the flap vs the whining protesters. Typical ‘CCO.

    The thing is that Minnesota has always been ‘live and let live’ but right wing forces have moved in -in mass-, and ‘live and let live’ goes for them, too. So, the tolerant and good people of Minnesota have been asleep at the wheel. Wing nuts like this, with the help of ultra right wing media have taken control of the politics. It’s a sign of things to come everywhere. They are concentrating on one liberal state at a time. Anita Bryant started their crusade here as well. She lost, of course. But the modern wing nuts are making great gains this time around.

  10. #10 scott
    May 21, 2011

    He looked like he was up all night drinkin’ and doin’ some lines. What a pathetic loser.

  11. #11 Martijn
    May 21, 2011

    This guy is supposed to be a christian fundamentalist, but he has a ponytail? May I as an agnostic point him to the part of his Holy Book labelled 1 Corinthians 14-16:
    Isn’t it unnatural and disgraceful for men to have long hair? But long hair is a beautiful way for a woman to cover her head. This is how things are done in all of God’s churches, and that’s why none of you should argue about what I have said.

    Then of course criticizing the president goes completely against “Give the Emperor what belongs to him and give God what belongs to God.”

    But worst of all, his blabbering about the American constitution comes precariously close to idol worship.

  12. #12 Greg Laden
    May 21, 2011

    Pierce, per capita we won this race ages ago, when we produced Harold Stassen

  13. #13 Greg Laden
    May 21, 2011

    herman, the 9 O’Clock Fox news interviewed ONE person on this issue, a local conservative blogger. They let him go on about how bad Dayton is as a gov, while talking about this story, and as you say for WCCO, also went on and on about how great the Republican leadership was. I’m not sure if I agree that WCCO is more right wing than FOX-9, but I would argue that the entire Minnesota press core, as it were, has been frightened into giving the right wing a great deal of sway and it pisses me off.

  14. #14 Greg Laden
    May 21, 2011

    “but he has a ponytail?”

    I think it is usually displayed as a mullet or a heavey metal type haircut. The pony tail was him dressing up. This is what he usually looks like: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/assets_c/2011/05/bradlee-dean-cropped-proto-custom_2.jpg

    I’ll have to insert that photo into the original post.

  15. #15 wayne
    May 21, 2011

    …..not to worry……just another christian who calls upon jesus to support bigotry…..lovely “religion” you have there!!!!!

  16. #16 Laura Dettloff
    May 22, 2011

    Greg: I was standing six feet away when that Fox interview took place. It was dazzling. There were hundreds of us, screaming our heads off against that bill and the Fox reporter very, very carefully managed to pick his way up to the one guy he could identify as being against gay marriage, and talked to him. He didn’t even pretend to speak to anyone who was against the bill-you know, the overwhelming majority of the crowd. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that by that part of the evening we outnumbered them twenty to one. Almost all of the pro-amendment people wandered off during the 4-6 p.m. recess.

  17. #17 Apostle Shada Mishe
    May 23, 2011


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  18. #18 Wayne Olson
    St. Paul. Mn.
    April 7, 2016

    As long as he’s aganist gays, he can dress like Hitler! And to that deranged gov. Dayton from white mn. Citizens! FUCK YOU!