Archives for May 29, 2011

Richard Tokumei has written a book that is so bad he is ashamed to put his own name on it. “Richard Tokumei” is the pen name of a ‘writer/editor in Southern California [with] degrees in Humanities and Phychology from the University of California Berkeley” and he has produced a book designed to anger everyone who…

Back in my days wandering around in Harvard Square, I used to look at the beautiful churches and think ….

Global Water Dancing is Imminent

It happens on June 25th. This is going to be a little like the Rapture but it’s not the end of the world and it really will happen ….

No! A surprising number of toddlers who manage to get their way through a window opening to fall to the pavement below live. Something just over three thousand toddlers do this every year in the US.