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Henry Reich is developing a YouTube channel for one-minute-physics presentations. Below the fold is one of the more recent productions.

AudioVideo Things to Hear and See

Michele Bachmann doesn’t really care about bullies, or if bullying leads to really bad things happening to children, because there is no bully bill in the US constittuion and it’s natural anyway. Here’s the audio of her senseless yammering about how an anti bulling bill could lead to the boys all turning gay. Move over…

Victory for evolution in Texas

Pop the champagne corks. The Texas Board of Education has unanimously come down on the side of evolution. In 14-0* vote, the board today approved scientifically accurate high school biology textbook supplements from established mainstream publishers–and did not approve the creationist-backed supplements from International Databases, LLC. Read More

Dating Advice from Rebecca

Cut a hole in a watermelon! Brilliant! I think Rebecca Watson makes a great skeptic and spokesperson for the skeptics community, but I think her real calling is in giving dating advice.

Obama Destroys Internet!!!11!!

President Barack Obama shut down dozens, possibly hundreds, of web sites of members of US congress moments ago when during a moving oration about the US Budget Crisis he suggested that people contact their members of congress immediately. In particular, Obama stated that it has become the norm to consider “compromise” to be a dirty…

Just an idea … not entirely work safe … below the fold.

I don’t know if I should worship my backpack or drive a wooden stake through its heart and shoot it with silver bullets. For three days I obsessively looked through every pocket knowing my keys were in there somewhere, and never found them. Today, I was looking for something else and guess what popped out.…

First, have a look at this video of Huxley dancing.


This week’s featured musical artist for your enjoyment: K. Flay

emacs for writers: org mode

After a little messing around with interesting emacs goodies, we might as well get right on to the good stuff. emacs uses a concept called “modes.” You’ll learn about that if you use emacs. For now, what you need to know is that there are “major modes” and “minor modes” and we’re only interested in…