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Time Trauma Truth and Other Matters

First of all, I want you to know that I’ve devoted my life to this blog post so now you have every reason to love it more than any other blog post. Sniff sniff.

Speaking of people eating insects … as we were … I do have this fun story from the Ituri Forest.

The Inspector General of the National Science foundation has completed an investigation into falsifying research data, concealing or deleting emails or other data, misusing privileged information, and seriously deviating form accepted practices in relation to climate change research by climate scientist Michael Mann. This investigation, just completed, confirms what has been determined by other previous…

Linux Journal Readers’ Choice Awards

The deadline is approaching for you to submit your preferences for the Linux Journal Readers’ Choice Awards. For purposes of discussion, here are (most of my) choices:

I agree with Shawn Powers that Unity has offended all that is good in this world by aggressively grabbing so much of my screen real estate much like Hitler grabbed the Rhineland. Well, OK, S.P. is not so Godwinesque in his language, but still…. Unity = Microsoft-like marketing oriented philosophy in a FOSS world. I…