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Space Junk Is Getting Serious

Here is an extended quote from the Preface of a new publication you may find interesting. I thought it was fascinating: In 1995, the National Research Council’s (NRC’s) Committee on Space Debris wrote, The threat that orbital debris poses to international space activities is presently not large, but it may be on the verge of…

It turns on you….

Greg’s Bloggy Newsletter

This is an experiment. To reduce complexity in my own life and enhance the quality of communication between me and you, I’m going to try this “newsletter” thingie. It will probably be weekly, roughly timed for the middle of the week, and will include links to the blog posts I personally wish that you would…

The X Blog

Is on line, but please be patient if there are technical problems. Lots of blogs are joining this morning. I’ll update you later on that interesting story. Click here to visit the The X Blog. To which I am NOT moving. But rather, going.