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Climate Scientists Defended!

You’ll remember that a few days ago I asked people to contribute to the Climate Scientists Defense Fun. They needed money to stop denialists from personally harassing scientists. The needed funds were obtained from your donations and all is well!!!! However, the people who organized this have decided to try to generate a standing fund…

In order to do good climate science, you have to understand and control for the sources of variation in the system. In any system that involvs metric change over time, there are four sources of variation:

The asteroid Baptistina has been on trial for several years, implicated in the K/T Boundary mass extinction event that killed off the dinosuars. But the jury is finally in. Baptistina is off the hook.

I want to say a word about what a proxyindicator is. And isn’t.

I’m going to take the unusual move and post, below, and almost complete cut and paste of a piece of corporate informational mail from Netflix. If you are Netflix user, you’ve already got this in your email box, most likely. Before I do this, I want to explain why. I’m not shy about critiquing corporations…

When Humans met Neandertals

Check out this video my friend Lynn made:

… that probably ruins the whole thing. I have not yet read The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined, so I could be wrong, but if you have a copy check it out and tell me if I’ve got it right.