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Happy Birthday Stephanie

Today is Stephanie Zvan’s birthday. Instead of giving he the usual trinkets or consumables, a few of us got together and did something different. We pooled some resources and gave Stephanie a miniature. A miniature what you say? A miniature non profit! How does that work? Click here to find out.

How effective is the flu shot?

There are several answers to this question. One was overheard the other day among a bunch of well educated people oriented towards science who were taking a break from their job. Person 1: “So, how effective is the seasonal flu shot?” Person 2: “I heard about 1%. If you get the flu shot, you’ll have…

Le docteur est très, très désolé

Cancer Killing Virus News

The virus that kills cancer is in the news again. Recent research at Penn State is being reported that indicates some interesting new findings. I have not read any of the original work in this and won’t likely have time to, but there is a press release:

I very rarely read a story on the WCCO web site. That’s my local news station. I don’t scroll down below the headlines, and that by the way means that I don’t see any of the wonderful ads that are down there. I often don’t respond to facebook conversations with anything more than a sentence,…

Evolution Book for Kids

Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be, a kids evolution book, has won the 2010 Lane Anderson Award. The reason I mention this is because of this blog post which discusses how the book is published in Canada but not the US. This bit of the post is interesting: Loxton has reported…

Or, for that matter, a solar eclipse? If the moon is going around the earth once a month shouldn’t the moon’s shadow fall on the earth (a solar eclipse) every month, and the earth’s shadow fall on the moon (a lunar eclipse) once a month?