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Rapid climate change can cause species extinction. But if a species is highly mobile or wide-ranging, then that effect may be attenuated. And, more rapid climate change would be more serious a problem than less rapid climate change. Therefore, there should be a relationship between species mobility (migration) and the rate, or velocity, of climate…

GoDaddy = Piles of Spam!!!

A spammer using a domain provided free by GoDaddy, which sends people to a domain hosting service (which in turn advertises GoDaddy) has been putting spam on this site at a very high rate over the last few hours (many have gotten through). Does this mean that GoDaddy, the internet service provider, is spamming mysite,…

Sea Level Rise Coffee Mug

I’ve shown you this before but I thought you might like to see it again. Click Here to Buy your Sea Level Rise due to Global Warming Mug!

This just in: A cute bat, Acute danger

Hat tip Sheril, where you will find more important details.