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FDA and Homeopathy

Years ago, I read an old newspaper account of chaos in 19th century New York City; A storm damaged many of the cages at the Central Zoo, and most of the wild animals got out. The next day or two was spent rounding up the animals, and even the mayor and the governor, who were…

Land Of Lisp Book Giveaway

You will recall that I recently reviewed the book Land of Lisp. It turns out I’ve got two copies of it, and would like to give one away. To you. As a bounty.

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XFactor: First Live Show is Tuesday

As you know, my nephew LeRoy is a contestant on the X Factor. I expect you to go vote for him on Tuedsay, OK? Assuming there is voting. I’m not sure how it works, actually. Anyway, here’s LeRoy getting through the last round (and some other guy):