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(‘John ‘McCarthy)

(‘born ‘1927) (‘championed ‘ai) (‘created ‘lisp) (‘thought-up ‘space-elevator) (‘won ‘turing-award) (‘died ‘oct-23-2011)

“No Child Left Behind” was doomed to be a failure, because it was ill concieved, politically cynical, and underfunded. But like the War in Iraq, the Patriot Act and Tax Breaks for the Rich, and all the other initiatives of the Bush Administration that never should have happened, we have been saddled with this melt…

Is Findings any good?

Looks interesting, but so far my “highlighting” in ebooks is fairly quirky and has to do with specific objectives I have that others may not know. In other words, sharing them would be potentially problematic considering how easy and common it is to take anyone’s words off the web and get all whingy about them.

w00t! My blog post on Urban Heat Islands has won the prestigious Editor’s Selection Award from News! See the awarding blog post here, and the awarded blog post here. Thank you Sarah Kendrew. Two other posts won the award as well: Ovarian Cancer at Microfluidic Future and In Praise of the Comet at the.soft.anonymous.…

“Copiale Cipher” Cracked

It is a document linked to a secret society. Here is the translated text

A mystery that began nearly 2,000 years ago, when Chinese astronomers witnessed what would turn out to be an exploding star in the sky, has been solved. New infrared observations from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope and Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE, reveal how the first supernova ever recorded occurred and how its shattered remains…

All this video needs is a giant spider

If anyone reading this knows the (Chinese?) dialects being spoken, feel free to throw in a translation! (Or must make stuff up if you like.) Below the fold. May not be work safe. Depending on where you work.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, many of our birds fly away in the fall. Other, very cool birds from even farther north, depending on where you live then arrive. But just about now, where I live, we are at the tail end of the migration out and not quite at the migration in, so this…

Column Editing in Emacs (cua mode)

This is very nice: hat tip: Got Emacs?

Birds and Climate Change

When climate changes, causing habitats to move, birds can get up and fly away to a new habitat, so really, they’ll be fine. Right? Well, no. Read more.