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Western Browsing Rhino Is No More

This refers to a subspecies of “Black Rhino” also known as the “browsing rhino.” The Western Black Rhino of Africa was declared officially extinct Thursday by a leading conservation group. The International Union for Conservation of Nature said that two other subspecies of rhinoceros were close to meeting the same fate. The Northern White Rhino…

Radar Movie of Asteroid 2005 YU55

Learn more about the asteroid here.

How are birds related to dinosaurs, crocodiles, and pterosaurs? Where do birds live, and not live? How many bird species are there, and how many actual birds, and how does this vary across the glob? What about endemics?; Where ate the most local species found? Mike Unwin’s The Atlas of Birds: Diversity, Behavior, and Conservation…

Here’s the talk: And here’s the web site. Eventually, there will probably be a book.

Eagan Minnesota Overrun by Coyotes!?!?!?

Check it out: This is more coyote activity than usual for these parts. They are fairly common generally. The solution? Bring in wolves!