Archives for November 14, 2011

Yates Working On Who?

With the end of the ‘Harry Potter’ film franchise and ‘The Stand’ no longer on his plate, director David Yates has revealed that his next project is a full length feature film of the long running British show ‘Doctor Who.’* I would have thought there were already people on this, but I guess not. So,…

Hot off the presses (stolen summarily from Here). This land temperature anomoly video showing both the growth of the global dataset and global warming was shown by the BEST group to Congress just a few moments ago.

I have only one Salman Rushdie story, so I’ll tell it quick then point you to something you’ve GOT to see.

Chinese spacecraft to ‘kiss’ in space

I guess you don’t want the Big Red X when you are kissing in space!

Holiday Shopping Suggestion

A friend of mine who is an excellent writer and critic, fellow blogger and social scientist, is trying to make ends meet by enhancing sales at the family business. Distracted by other things, I didn’t know about this until this morning. Welcome to Howling Pig, the uncommon soap company for uncommon people. Our soaps (and…

Bug Girl’s Talk fresh off the conference circuit: Context, comments, more, here.

NASA fakes another video

This is obviously a fake. Can’t be real: