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I remember my first solar eclipse. I was a kid, and it was the one Carlie Simon sang about, in March 1970. (The eclipse reference is just past three minutes. Some other time we can argue over whether or not Carlie, singing in this video on Martha’s Vineyard, was referring to the March 1970 eclipse…

The Feast

Time for the thanksgiving story. But first, when you are preparing your Thanksgiving Turkey, you might want to keep this in mind. And now … a feast.

If you are looking for some recipes, here are a few suggestions. Theory and background Thinking Thanksgiving I Thinking Thanksgiving II Homemade Thanksgiving How to do a Godless Thanksgiving Cooking Thanksgiving Turkey What is a turkey, really? Brining the bird How to cook a turkey How to NOT cook a turkey. The True Meaning of…

Lynn Margulis Has Died

Lynn Margulis died yesterday at her home in Amherst at the age of 73. Margulis is best known and best remembered for her endosymbiotic theory. You know what this is because you took basic biology and it is now part of every textbook. Notably, at the time Margulis published this idea, it was rejected and…

Vote for LeRoy Bell

Don’t forget, XFactor is on NAO!!!! Vote for LeRoy!

Happy Turkey Day! Don’t be an idiot!

For reasons that are entirely beyond my comprehension, some time ago, people started to deep fry their turkeys. Don’t do it unless you know what you are doing. And you probably don’t know what you are doing. Here’s what William Shatner has to day about it:

Womanspace? Manspace ….

I may or may not have written a blog post called “Manspace.” Its relationship to “Womanspace” and “Womanspacegate” will be only partly obvious.

We know that the right wing revels in stupidity; Willful stupidity and well practiced stupidity are thought to be the way elitist anti-populous tax-the-middle-class Republicans capture support from the masses. Seems to work rather well. But increasingly this trope of (ig)noble ignorance is being supplemented by large doses of mean spirited in your face angry…

For now, a press release. More later: