Inspector Monckton?

Now that the authorities have confiscated the computers of a few contrarian bloggers to see whether they can find evidence of who hacked the University of East Anglia’s e-mail servers, Lord Monckton is incensed! INCENSED, I tell you! He says he’s going to go after the climate scientists whose e-mails were stolen and have them prosecuted for fraud. Why him? Because the bumbling police don’t know much about climatology, so they need help to understand the “fraud”.

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  1. #1 InvincibleIronyMan
    December 16, 2011

    So they’re bringing back the Pink Panther movies and giving Inspector Cluseau a new partner, are they? Big fan, can’t wait to see it. I guess they must be putting Peter Sellars in with CGI. But who’s gonna play Inspector Monckton? Let me guess: Sasha Baron-Cohen? Just a wild guess.

  2. #2 Achrachno
    December 17, 2011

    An obvious fraud claims to be able to help investigate an alleged, but non-existent, fraud?