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I just saw something on TV about people running around with “Made in America” tee-shirts trying to talk everyone else into buying Christmas presents that were made in America, and naturally, my cynical self wondered which East or Southeast Asian Sweat Shops the tee-shirts were made in. So I looked and it turns out that…

As you know, I’ve shifted some of the topics I have discussed on this blog over to The X Blog. However, some topics can very reasonably go on both. One of these is how we communicate, and argue, and sometimes make progress in this crazy, zany place we call The Blogsophere. Also, as an Anthropologist,…

Remember that! Why? This is why! Brilliant. Now you have pictures and pithy sayings to remember all these important science facts.

Reindeer, Bear, Cougar Close Encounters

It has come to my attention that there are people in the US who think Reindeer are fictional animals. That make sense because they are associated in may people’s minds [SPOILER ALERT] with a fictional character known as ….

Rabies is rare in the US, but it happens

YA Animated News Story: Related: Ode to Rocky and Attack of the Hound of Malembi. Or, “Whose are these people, anyway?”

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