Archives for December 20, 2011

Bird Blog Reaches 40% mark!

The famous bird, birding and birder blog, 10,000 birds, has reached the 4,000 post mark. So, if there are 10,000 birds and 4,000 posts ….. But seriously, it’s true, it did! Did you know that I blog there once a month? No? Then you have some catching up to do! I appear to have done…

Earth Sized Planets Elsewhere Discovered

First, there were big-giant planets discovered orbiting other stars. Then, more recently, a planet in the star’s Goldilocks Zone … where water would be at least sometimes liquid, were it present. But that was a big planet that may or may not have been truly “class M” in having a surface, atmosphere, etc. Now, NASA…

Do not try this at home!

Or even not at home! (I’m talking about the part with the dummy that is not a dummy.)