Archives for January 5, 2012

Hits vs Comments

Blogging controversy can generate a lot of comments, but it is often said that this also generates a lot of “hits” (properly, page views; hits are different, page views are the proper measure) and sometime we bloggers are accused by people (often commenters) who don’t blog themselves and don’t have access to the secret data…

How to eat a Taco

It is best to use two hands, and to nod frequently to mom to let her know it’s OK. Also, it’s easier if it’s a Minnesota Taco which is actually a Burrito (but we call Burrito’s “Wraps” here, of course).

How to Speke Inglish

I had never heard of The Chaos before today. I suppose that makes me unkulterd, and I’m afraid that I can’t use the excuse that it came out in the 1980s when I was either in a trench underneath Boston or deep in the Jungles of Zaire, or doing double duty taking classes and teaching…