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It’s alive!!!!! And, it’s wallboard.

More Mississippi Meanderings

From Kristin Montalbano: Mark Twain once said, the Mississippi River is a “wonderful book with a new story to tell every day.” Well, Nat Geo WILD spent an entire year exploring the length of North America’s longest and greatest waterway in Wild Mississippi and we can tell you the man was NOT exaggerating. We gave…

According to Rick Santorum, it is. Strange. Brad Johnson has context and analysis here. I think Rick Santorum is trying to destroy America.

Oldest Animals Discovered in Namibia

A team of researchers based in Namibia, South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom now report fossils from a Namibian deposit that seem to be animals and apparently date to about 760 million years ago. This extends the known time span of animals on the planet by about 17 percent…. Read more