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Why are atheists so angry?

And they are! Just yesterday I was hanging around with a bunch off atheists and they were all pretty angry. They were even getting angry with each other. I could hear “get off my lawn” as a more or less constant droning sound in the background. People who are not atheists, or who may be…

Of the first dozen times or so that I ever saw Joel, my then future brother in law, I think we were in a restaurant a good four or five times. This was probably just a chance event, but there were a number of dinners and one lunch with the family that Joel and Alyssa…

It slows my system way down, it breaks my desktop, it makes the browser work very poorly, and it requires me to force the computer to shut down and reboot now and then. It also appears to boot quickly but it is mostly faking it.

Gun Control and Stand Your Ground

I wrote a post on the murder off Trayvon Martin. Here.

On Sunday, Google Chrome surpassed Microsoft Internet Explorer in browser market share. I would now like to welcome our new Internety Overlords! (Please don’t hurt me.) source