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Rick Santorum on Creationism Laws

This just in: Baton Rouge, LA — (March 27, 2012) — At Senator Santorum’s March 23rd rally in Pineville Louisiana, student activist, Zack Kopplin, had the chance to question the Senator about creationism laws. Kopplin, who has led the effort to repeal Louisiana’s creationism law, the misnamed and misguided Louisiana Science Education Act, asked Santorum…

How to learn language

How to learn language Me: “Huxley, this is your milk. I’m going to drink it myself!” Huxley: “I’m going to drink it ME-self!” Me: “What?” Huxley: “I’m going to drink it I-self!” Me: “Huh?” Huxley: “I’m going to drink it Huxley-self!” Me: “Oh, OK, here’s your milk!”

As many of you know, because you’ve not seen me around as much as usual, I’ve been devoting a considerable amount of my time to volunteering for a political campaign in my district. I’m trying to help Sharon Sund replace Erik Paulsen in the Third Congressional District of Minnesota. Erik is the Republican who took…

And now a closer look at Cardiff:

Earl Scruggs: RIP

Earl Scruggs dies on Wednesday.

Elgin Offshore Drill Gas Leak