Archives for June 23, 2012

Dana Hunter and the Big Blast

Are you aware of Dana Hunter’s current project? The author of En Tequila es Verdad, the blog that always makes me want to take a shot, is writing detailed essays that track events connected to the 1980 eruption of Mount Saint Helens. She’s writing them as part of her blogging over at Scientific American, but…

I hear things are pretty busy in the Upper Upper Midwest of Alberta, Canada, and I suppose because of that, Skeptically Speaking has two off-air productions, one with the podcast just out, the other, this week’s show, coming out next week. Both are really interesting to me, and I’m sure to you as well. Here…

What is CERN?

CERN isn’t just the LHC. It’s also rusty windows and post war big science. Interesting video:

Rainy Day Amusements

It’s cold and raining at the cabin. We got the physics right, capturing the cold night air through open windows and then closing up so that when it get warmer later in the day we’ll have built in air conditioning, but we might have overshot slightly. Huxley got up early and was sitting in his…

Killer Virus Sequence Published

Within a few days of the completion of the on-line draft of Sungudogo: A Novel, scientists have published the key data describing a killer H5N1 virus. Coincidence? I would assume so. But still….