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Testing Thunderf00t’s Hypothesis

Over on Freethoughtblogs, Thunderf00t makes the following assertion about the subject matter addressed by that blog network: The disproportionate amount of attention [is given] to sexism compared to other issues. He does not assert this as a hypothesis, but rather, as a fact. But, Imma turn it back into a hypothesis and assail it with…

Forensics of Race

Just came across this snapshot of an exhibit panel from the Science Museum of Minnesota’s exhibit on race.

… the hazzards of sickness … should be provided for through insurance. This should be [charged to] the industries the employer, the employee, and perhaps the people at large … Wherever such standards are not met by given establishments, by given industries, are unprovided for by a legislature, or are balked by unenlightened courts, the…

Ant Gecko Taphonomy

This is very very cool. A little gruesome of you are not used to this sort of thing. I wonder if it had ant insurance.

OMG this is NEVER going to work!

On August 5th, NASA will attempt to do what may be the dumbest thing they ever did. Or, possibly, the most brilliant thing they ever did. Hard to say.